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Kevlar denim jeans MACNA G-01

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Kevlar denim jeans with CE approved armour.


Macna G-01 motorcycle pants for men provide summer-weight comfort and exceptional protection. Macna is known for their innovative features, attention to detail, excellent fit, superior comfort, stellar protection and safety features that stand out from the crowd.
Not only are the Macna G-01 denim motorcycle pants comfortable, but they are also top-shelf in the protection department. Did you know that statistically, the legs are one of the most likely parts of the body to suffer injury in a crash? To address this concern, the G-01 pants feature abrasion resistant fabric and adjustable CE armor (made by Knox) to provide the protection you need in all the right places.
Macna is big on "safety through conspicuity", and includes "Side Eye" reflective material that is laminated for an integrated, smooth look and feel.
The Macna G-01 motorcycle pants are among the best pants available for comfort in wet summer conditions without sacrificing protection.

Side Eye   Side Eye 
Laminated reflective parts at the front and back upper parts of the jacket, with the emphasis on the side.
CE protection   CE protection
Protectors applying to the EN-1621-2 regulations.

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