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Optimate Battery Chargers Comparison

Any passionate of motorbikes knows how important is to keep the batteries healthy, specially the ones living in places where the winter can reach very cold temperatures, such as Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland, but even the ones that like us live near London, would probably have suffered from battery issues in their motorbikes, or even their cars. For that reason we did a deep research on the market and tried different brands and models of chargers, to see which one was the most cost effective solution. As motorcycle owners, we care a lot about our bikes and we don't mind spending a little bit extra if that would give us an extra quality, but in the case of the battery chargers, we noticed that the most expensive products aren't necessarily the best. This is not meant to be a comparison with other brands, as that would be a topic long enough for a separated page, but let's just say that we did our homework and came up to the conclusion that the OptiMate brand is by far the best. We suggest you to do your own research and see if you can find a better product, if you do, please let us know!

We choose Optimate not only for the quality and performance, but also because it's one of the cheapest as well, depending on the model and where you buy them. Why not in our store which offers you the best market price? :)

The OptiMate battery chargers are one of the most popular products of our store, and our customer service is often contacted by clients unsure of which one to buy as there are quite a few options available. We are currently offering four different models of optimate battery chargers, as those are the most popular and recommended based on our personal and professional experience. Here we will try to show you the differences between them so that hopefully you can have a better understanding of which is the right solution for you.

All the Optimate Battery Chargers have many features in common, therefore here we are focusing on highlighting the main differences:

Feature Optimate Lithium Battery Charger Optimate 6 Battery Charger Optimate 4 Dual Battery Charger Optimate 2 Battery Charger
Price PVP £109.99 £99.99 £59.99 £39.99
42moto price £95 £85 £49 £35
Recommended for  LiFePO4 / LFP batteries up to 100Ah  AGM / MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries up to 240Ah AGM/MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 2Ah to 50Ah AGM / MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 3Ah to 96Ah
Charge Time Limit 24 hours  48 hours 48 hours Safe to leave connected for months
Automatic desulphation N/A multistage (high voltage, turbo and pulsed mode) stages (recovery and Turbo-recovery) yes
Reverse drain current less than 0.001A less than 0.001A less than 0.5mA less than 1mA
Input current max
0.55A @ 230V
0.55A @ 230V
0.15A @ 230V 0.15A @ 230V
Output current (bulk charge)  0.4A – 5.0A  0.4A – 5.0A 0.8A 0.8A
Charge retention test 5 possible results from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ 5 possible results from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ 5 possible results from ‘good’ to ‘bad > 12.4V = GOOD (green LED)
199 x 71 x 61mm
199 x 71 x 61mm 200 x 75 x 61mm 167 x 65 x 46mm
Weight 740g 740g 800g 400g
Operation temperature range  -40°C / +50°C  -40°C / +50°C  -40°C / +40°C
-20°C / +40°C
Link to official website and manual More info More info More info More info
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Please, note that the above table has been generated taking all the information from accumate website. If you want to find detailed information about a particular model of optimate battery charger you can use the above links.

It worths mentioning that all the optimate battery chargers have a 3-year warranty, and that in 42moto can find them at the best price, with free delivery within the UK mainland. We also do shipments to Spain, and feel free to contact us for shipping to other countrys as well and we'll give you a quotation.


And the winner is.... Optimate 6 battery charger!

When the budget is not a problem, the two recommended products are clearly Optimate Litium and Optimate 6. Both are very similar in terms of features, but considering that Optimate 6 is slightly cheaper, that would generally be the recommended option, provided the target batteries are among the recommended. Besides, many of our buyers still go for the Lithium option, probably because of its well known performance and popularity.

When looking for a more economical alternative, Optimate 4 and Optimate 2 are a more attractive option. There are clearly quite a few differences in terms of features, most of them favorable for Optimate 4, but it's worth mentioning that Optimate 2 is meaninfully lighter and smaller, which makes it a very competent solution for people that tends to travel a lot, not to mention that is the cheapest one.

As a final advice, always make sure that the battery you aim to use with the Optimate is among the supported and recommended, and when in doubt contact to the official manufacturer, which hopefully will be able to assist you.